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Andrew Feldmár

Andrew Feldmár


Professional Affiliations

College of Psychologists of B. C.
Canadian Psychological Association
Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology



Senior Matriculation (Gr. 13), Toronto


B.A., University of Toronto, Mathematics, Physics, & Chemistry (Honours)

1963 - 64

Spent one Semester at The Johns Hopkins University’s Ph.D. program in Theoretical Statistics


M.A., University of Western Ontario, Psychology


Began Ph.D. work with Dr. Charles Osgood in Psycholinguistics at the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana


Completed two-month Summer course intensive in Communications and Human Systems at the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA


Fall - enrolled in Ph.D. program in Psychology (clinical/personality) at Simon Fraser University.


Summer - completed all required course work (4.0 GPE), then passed the qualifying comprehensive examinations. Proposed Ph.D. dissertation (The Phenomenology of Very Deep States of Hypnosis); research was approved by University Ethics Committee. Due to disagreements with committee members, after Spring Semester, 1976, I left without completing my Thesis.

1974 - 75

August, 1974 until July, 1975, undertook intensive study and training in Psychotherapy, at the Philadelphia Association in London, England. Clinical supervision and training under Dr. R.D.Laing; research and studies supervised by Francis Huxley, anthropologist and author. Letters of Recommendation are available from both.
In August, 1976, completed training with Carl Simonton, MD, in Stress and Cancer, at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA


June completed course in Psychosomatic Medicine, "Psyche & Soma", with Ann Turner, MD, at the M.R.I., Palo Alto, CA



1957 - 59

Dish-washer, coffee-boy, construction laborer

1960 - 69

Computer programmer, systems analyst, mathematical programmer for Imperial Oil Ltd., Honeywell Controls, Comtech Consulting, & U. of Western Ontario

1964 - 65

Teach night-school, Gr. 13 Algebra, Sir Winston
Churchill High School, Toronto


Research Associate of Dr. Arthur Reber at U.B.C. in Psycholinguistics; Vancouver Crisis Center (Ms. Betty Tarrant);
Addiction Research Foundation, London, Ontario

1969 - 71

Clinical Psychologist at Boundary Mental Health
Center, Surrey, B.C. Team headed by psychiatrist, Dr. W.W.Black;
Initiated and organized INTER-SECTION, a telephone and drop-in center for teens in crisis

1971 - 72

Instructor of Psychology at Douglas College;
Taught courses in Adolescent Psych., Introductory, and Personality

1973 - 74

Consultant for Department of Human Resources in Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Langley, White Rock


Teach Psych. 470 (Theories of Personality) at SFU; UBC Cont. Ed., teach Science & Mysticism, and Dream Workshop;
Organized Neighborhood Drop-in Center in Crescent Beach;
Chairman of Douglas College Child Care Society


Teach Psych. 470 at SFU;
Organized and led 3 workshops with Joyce Frazee on Dreams (two in Vancouver, one in Victoria); Started Private Practice, which continues at present


T.A., Psych. 371 (Survey of Therapeutic Technique) at SFU; Consultant at SHAFT, an alternative school in Port Moody;
Consultant at OAKMOUNT HOME, a remand home in Port Moody;
Consultant for Dept. of Human Resources;
Led 2.5-day workshop for Cold Mountain Institute in Vancouver, and a 5-day workshop on Cortes Island, both with Joyce Frazee: Birth-Rebirth


T.A., Psych. 371 at SFU; Group for parents, with Meredith Feldmár: Living with Children: Birth to Five;
UBC Con. Ed.: 6 lectures on R.D.Laing;
4 films/lectures on R.D.Laing;
One-day workshop on Children & TV;
Cold Mountain Institute: A Therapeutic Perspective of the Unconscious (3 weeks) with Joseph Campbell, Stan Grof & Joyce Frazee;
Entry & Re-Entry: The journey toward wholeness (5 evenings);
Birth-Rebirth (with Joyce Frazee, 2.5 days);
On faculty of Humanities (BA) Program;
Entrances, a 2.5-day workshop;
Talk On Psychotherapy, at Federation of Medical Women of Canada, B.C.Branch, Public Health Seminar;
On-going weekly (4 hours/week) Therapist Training Program with Joyce Frazee (12 participants)


Presentation on Leboyer, Medical Rounds at Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster;
Therapist Training Program continues, with a day on The Philosophical Foundations of Healing, led by Dr. David Bakan, from York University;
UBC Cont. Ed.: The Couch De-Mystified: What is therapy? (8 lectures);
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA: Birth-Rebirth (2.5 days with Joyce Frazee Birth, Sex & Death (1 month long, coordinated by Dr. Stan Grof);
Cold Mountain Institute: joined CMI’s Professional Staff: Birth-Rebirth (2.5 days with Joyce Frazee); Entrances (2.5 days); Looking Through vs. Looking At: Body, soul & spirit (lecture); Stress, Psychological Factors & Cancer (lecture); Workshop for Cancer Patients (2.5 days with Joyce Frazee); Psyche & Soma: Mind-body relationships (lecture);
Patterns of Persistence & Change (2.5 days); On faculty, B.A. Program, Antioch College West;
Workshop for Mental Patients’ Association;
Lecture at BCIT for Psychiatric Nurses


UBC Cont. Ed.: The Psychogenesis of Health & Disease (6 lectures with G. Growe, MD);
Cold Mountain Institute: Responsibility, Will, Choice (lecture);What’s the Limit? (2.5 days);
Using Life Crises for Personal Growth (2.5 days with Joyce Frazee); Lying, Jealousy, Envy, Sex & the Good Life (lecture);
When you are ready, open your eyes: Ways to come out of parental hypnosis (lecture); Study group with Antioch B.A. students (6 x 2 hours) on Freud, Adler, Jung, Rank & Laing;
Workshop for Mental Patients’ Association;Seminar on Embryos, Ancestors & the Future at 16th Annual Meeting of Association for Humanistic Psychology, in Toronto;
Seminar on The Pre- & Peri-Natal Origins of Mind at 3rd NW Regional Conference of AHP, in Olympia WA;
Paper presented at Conference on the Psychological Aspects of Abortion at Loyola U. Medical Center in Chicago, IL: The Embryology of Cosciousness: What is a normal pregnancy?


UBC Cont. Ed.: The Survival Value of Loving: What is a facilitating environment? (6 lectures);
Cold Mountain Institute: In Praise of Doing and Saying Nothing (lecture);
World Symposium on Humanity lecture: The Birth of Curiosity (Ch. 10, Cable TV);
Therapy Workshop (2.5 days with Leon Redler, MD);
Psychotherapy Cannot be Based on Psychology a lecture at BCPA Annual Convention at Harrison Hot Springs, BC;
Workshop On Death & Dying for Canadian Holistic Healing Association;


UBC Cont. Ed.: Narcissism & Altruism: The future of the family (8 lectures with Dr. Ken Schramm)
Cold Mountain Institute: Time is of the Essence (lecture);
The Freud Fraud (lecture);
Back to Basics I: (8 lectures on Freud);
Back to Basics II: (8 lectures on D.W.Winnicott);
Magic Theater: Dreams (2.5 days with Joyce Frazee);
Psychiatry & Obstetrics (lecture with Francis Huxley);
The Nature & Realization of Self (2.5 days with Francis Huxley, Carol & Paul Zeal);
The Compulsion to Repeat (2.5 days with Leon Redler, MD);
Approaches to the Family (6 lectures on Laing, Cooper & Bateson)


Emily Carr College of Art: Psychology of Creativity (8 lectures);
UBC Cont. Ed.: On Gregory Bateson (8 lectures);
The Poetics & Politics of Space talk at VCC Symposium on Alternative Healing Arts;
The Passions: A look at the system of emotions from A(nger) to W(orship) (lecture);
A Lover’s Discourse (lecture)


Practical & Theoretical Psychotherapy Workshop (4 days with Leon Redler, MD)


Blood, Intuition, Desire & Health (2.5 days with Francis Huxley);
3-hour per week on-going psychotherapy group with 12 participants for 30 weeks


Initiated and organized Integra Households Association, a non-profit charity for the creation and maintenance of asylums for people in extreme distress;
UBC Cont. Ed.: Giving Birth - Being Born: The far-reaching effects of peri-natal events (8 lectures);
Pain, Suffering & the Possibility of Healing (1 day symposium with R.D.Laing, Francis Huxley, Leon Redler, David & Mildred Bakan);
Hollyhock Farm, Cortes Island: 6-day symposium on Pain, Suffering & the Possibility of Healing with the six leaders mentioned above, plus Adele Getty and David Abram (45 participants)


Study Group (3 hrs/week);
Eco-Obstetrics (1 day with Michel Odent, MD);
Hollyhock Farm: A Practical Therapy Workshop (6 days with R.D.Laing);
What is Good Art (lecture at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver);
UBC Cont. Ed.: Love, Consciousness & Choice (6 lectures with Duncan Blewett, Ph.D.)


Beginnings: The psychology of very early life, from conception to birth (6 lectures);
BCPA AGM Workshop: Treating Professionals;
Panel: Radical Psychotherapy;
Hollyhock Farm: Memento Mori (6 days with R.D.Laing);
The Compulsion to Repeat (2.5 days with Leon Redler, MD)


Hollyhock Farm: Wake Up to Your Mind (6 days);
Formed Third Mind Productions, Inc. with R.D.Laing, Tom Shandel & Kirk Tougas, to create the 90 minute video-film Did you used to be R.D.Laing?;
BCPA AGM Workshop: How do you Teach/Learn Psychotherapy? (with R.D.Laing);
Colleges & Institutes Counselors’ Association Workshop (with R.D.Laing): Taking Care of Others: The limits of therapy;
The Lies of Love (lecture with R.D.Laing at UBC);
The Third Mind (2 days with R.D.Laing)


Uncertainty (public talk at R2B2 Books);
Hollyhock Farm: Change: The limits of therapy (6 days for clients/patients & therapists);
9th Annual Conference, Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association, in Toronto: Workshop on Groups with One Rule


CBC Ideas, 3 part series: R.D.Laing Today;
Seminar on Therapeutic Communities (1 day with R.D.Laing & David Goldblatt);
Hollyhock Farm: Addiction, Habit, Compulsion & Devotion (6 days with R.D.Laing)


What’s a Father? (public talk at R2B2 Books);
Mental Patients’Association AGM address on State of the Art;
Hollyhock Farm: Love & Malice (6 days);
Painting: Dialogue with the creative impulse (6 days with Meredith Feldmár & Linda Wheeler);
Schizophrenia 1990 Conference in Vancouver: 90 minute talk, R.D.Laing’s Understanding of Schizophrenia: Implications for a radical change in theory & practice;
Skeletons in the Closet, Blessings, Curses, Double Binds & Other Spells (3 days with Francis Huxley & Adele Getty);
Consultant for 2 weeks at Burch House, Littleton NH, an asylum for severely disturbed adults and teens, David Goldblatt, Director (1 week with Francis Huxley)


Hollyhock Farm: Magic & Doubt (talk at 5th Annual Hollyhock Conference);
Dragon: The nature of spirit (6 days with Francis Huxley, Adele Getty & Meredith Feldmár);
The Wisdom of Desire (6 days);
Madness as a Spiritual Journey (lecture at North Shore Unitarian Church);
Join team of In A NutShell, publication of the Mental Patients’ Association, with regular column, Minute Particulars, and a regular review column, Bookworm; still writing at present;
Consultant for 1 week at Burch House with Gilbert Newman;
Consultant on Colin Brown’s documentary film, Father and Son for National Film Board;
Justice Institute of B.C.: 3 two-day workshops for mental health professionals, Taking Care: An alternative to traditional therapy;
Orca Institute, 2-day workshop, Non-Intrusive Therapy


Consult for 1 week at Burch House with Janet Koval;
Orenda Institute, Baltimore MD, Workshop for Therapists;
Teach and consult in Debrecen & Budapest,
Hungary, two one-semester courses for undergraduates, training for psychiatrists, process groups for students and for staff (4 months, in Hungarian)


UNESCO Chernobyl Program in Minsk, Belarus (10 days): training of specialists for Community Mental Health Centers for the victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe (trainees from Russia, Ukraine & Belarus);
Justice Institute of B.C.: Letting Battered Minds & Broken Hearts Have a Chance to Heal (1.5 days with Leon Redler, MD);
Jewish Community Center: Children & Morality (lecture);
B.C. Association for Marriage & Family Therapy: If you died today & were to be reborn, would you elect to be a male? (lecture/discussion)


Ethics, Politics & Psychotherapy (2 lectures & 2 days with Alphonso Lingis, Ph.D., and Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D.);
Or Shalom Temple: Desire, Ethics & Courage (lecture);
Jewish Family Services Association: The Hazards of Love (lecture);
Oxford School of Psychotherapy & Counseling, at Oxford, England: R.D.Laing, his writing, teaching, practice (4 days with Leon Redler, MD)


SFU, Graduate Liberal Studies Program: Ethics & Community (seminar);
Fraser Valley/North Shore Regional Mental Health Services Workshop: Trick or Treat: On time-limited psychotherapy (1 day);
Jewish Family Services Association: The Origins of Unhappiness (lecture attended by 300 people)


UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR): consult in Bosnia and Croatia for 2 weeks;
AGM for B.C. Naturopathic Association: Resistance is the Secret of Joy: The importance of Psychosomatics (keynote address);
Shalom Child Development Center, Distinguished Lectures: Pains & Pleasures of Growing Up


Virtual High School: Learning a Living (special guest seminar for students & staff);
In the Wake of R.D.Laing, a one-day conference in London, England: Seminar on Psychotherapy;
ESALEN Institute: In Search of the Secret of Joy (2.5 days)


SFU, Institute for the Humanities, Philosophers Café: Philosophy & Therapy: Can we heal minds, bodies, souls?;
The East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, N.Y., N.Y.: Looking Back at R.D.Laing (a symposium);
The Collingwood Institute: Love, Sex & Desire (lecture)


One-day workshop on R.D.Laing’s unpublished manuscript, The Challenge of Love with Leon Redler, MD;
One week staff training for mental health professionals working in the asylum SOTERIA, in Budapest, Hungary;
RHAP contract with Vancouver/Richmond Health Board;
Monthly supervision and consultation to staff of Jewish Family Service Agency;
Hollyhock Farm: Conference organized by Donna Dryer, MD, & Richard Yensen, Ph.D., Entheogenic Evolution, presented paper Entheogens & Psychotherapy;
Professional Development Workshop for Jewish Family Service Agency: Group Therapy Vs. Therapy in Groups (one day)


Dr. Love & Mr. Death, a paper prepared for a discussion held at The Whip, in Vancouver, organized by the Interdisciplinary Programs in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University, as part of their Philosophers’ Café series, in October;
On General Service Contract with The Ministry for Children and Families (B.C.) for consultation, training and supervision to do with the Doukhobor community, especially regarding the children of the Sons of Freedom who were interned at New Denver in the 1950s;
Teach Course #531 Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy (2 credits) for the Adler School of Professional Psychology;
Advanced Group Process Training for Professionals (3 hours per week, on-going) with Patricia Wilensky, Ph.D., for the B.C. School of Professional Psychology;
On-Going Psychotherapy Group (3 hours per week, 12 people);
Greater Vancouver Mental Health Service Society’s Professional Day: Awakening to Love (lecture/discussion)


Story Consultant for KINK, a 13 half-hour TV series produced for Showcase Television (Toronto) by David Paperny Films;
Lectures, workshops, discussions, supervision & therapy consultations for two weeks in Hungary: a talk for psychology students in Budapest was attended by 1,500 people, other talks drew audiences of 250 -350 people; I worked with drug addiction counselors, midwives, and the staff of an asylum for schizophrenics;
Feature length Documentary made in Hungary by Benedek Fliegauf, of Inforg Stúdió;
Appear in Chris Bruyere’s film for TV, Daughters of Freedom, on the Women’s Television Network, first aired in May


Story Consultant for KINK-2, a follow-up series of half-hour shows produced by David Paperny Films;
Contract renewed with The Ministry for Children and Families (B.C.);
New book published in Budapest, Hungary: Conversations with Andrew Feldmar, 2002. Attended book release & signing on November 1st, 2002;
Contract with Vancouver Community Mental Health Services of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority: Short-Term Therapy, supervising James Fairbanks, R.C.C.;
Gave a two-day workshop and two lectures on the ethical problems of psychodrama at the 6th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association;
Provide supervision for 22 psychologists or clinical counselors, individually and/or in small group;
Invited to be on the Advisory Board of the Society for Laingian Studies;
Lead an Advanced Readings Group (6 3-hour seminars) for psychologists and clinical counselors with Dr. Patricia Wilensky.


Consultant for Radix Theatre’s production of SexMachine;
Public lecture at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, in their third year course, Interdisciplinary Forum, on "Things: Style, Objects & Desire" entitled, I love steak! ;
Invited to a Think Tank at the University of British Columbia on Healthy Community, organized by Joan Anderson, 2003 Peter Wall Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Professor of Nursing & Elizabeth Kenny McCann Professor, School of Nursing, UBC;

Publications & Media


Translations into English from Hungarian authors:
Géza Gárdonyi, Slave of the Huns (a novel), London: Dent, 1969;
(Poems & Short-stories in The New Hungarian Quarterly, and in collections published by Corvina Press, Budapest)

In Hungarian:


A Tudatállapotok Szivárványa, Debrecen, Hungary: Gigant,1997 (A book, 160 pages, based on lectures delivered in Hungary in 1992, now in its 4th edition)
Beszélgetések Feldmár Andrással, Budapest, Hungary: Könyvfakasztó Kiadó, 2002 (Conversations with a philosopher, a midwife, and a revised edition of the previous book, now in hard-cover)
Van élet a halál elótt?: Feldmár András elóadásai. Inforg Stúdió, 2001. (A full-length documentary edited from lectures, talks, discussions, interviews that took place in 2000, in Hungary)

In English:


Pylyshyn, Z.W., Feldmar, A. "Grammatical Category as Mediator".Psychonom. Sci., 1968, Vol. 13;
Articles in Common Ground, Cold Mountain Journal, Heartwood, The British Columbia Psychologist;
Book Reviews and one Feature Interview with Brian Linahan (of City TV, Toronto) in What’s On (Vancouver); In the Mental Patients’ Association’s publication (4 issues per year) In A NutShell, two regular columns: "Minute Particulars" & "Bookworm" (over 50 pieces by now);
"The Embryology of Consciousness: What is a normal pregnancy?" In The Psychological Aspects of Abortion, D.Mall & W.F.Watts (Eds.) Washington, D.C.: University Publ. Of America, 1979;
"Andrew Feldmar" in R.D.Laing: Creative Destroyer, Bob Mullen (Ed.) London: Cassell, 1997, pp. 340 -368;
"Trickster" in Geist, Volume 9 (2000), Number 36, pp. 51 - 52;
"Entheogens and Psychotherapy" in Janus Head 4.1, 2001, pp. 54 - 67;
"Did you used to be R.D.Laing?", a 92 minute video portrait for Ch. 4 in London, England, first aired in 1989;
"On Healing", CBC TV’s Viewpoint, 1975; 3-part CBC Radio’s Ideas in 1989, hosted by Lister Sinclair
The Lies of Love (54 min.)
The Man Who Walked Backwards (54 min.)
Dreaming in Colour (54 min.);


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