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Newsletters & Notices

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December 5, 2005

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June 17, 2005

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February 5, 2005

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October 4, 2004

Remembering Loren Mosher
July 12, 2004

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March 4, 2004


La primauté de l'expérience en philosophie et en théologie
par Lise Villemaire. Université de Sherbrook, 2004
"La poésie", a écrit e.e. cummings, "est l'art de poser les questions plus belles." Et à cet égard, le papier de Lise Villemaire est une enquête philosophique de stature poétique dans les limites de l'épistémologie et de la méthode scientifique à la poursuite de la sagesse, et la connaissance de la vérité et du Dieu et de l'amour.

R.D. Laing: The Politics of Mind
by Paul Levine. CBC Broadcasting 1974
Based on a five-part series for the CBC, Levine examines theories of imbalance of power articulated in the writing of Frantz Fanon (The Politics of Skin), Doris Lessing (The Politics of the Body) and Ivan Illich (Culture of Wealth and Culture of Poverty) in addition to: R.D. Laing: The Politics of Mind.

Audio Colloquies
Harper & Row, c. 1987
Transcript of an hour-long interview conducted circa 1987 for Harper & Row, an extraordinary record of Laing's views on such seminal issues as the use of diagnostic categories, the role of institutional psychiatric treatment vs households, and (the sublime to the ridiculous being but a step) Laing's answer to the question posed by Dr. Desmond Kelly: "What are the points of difference between yourself and an American with whom you're often associated by reviewers, Thomas Szasz?"

CBC Ideas - R.D. Laing (.rtf)
Transcript of Gary Marcuse's series, aired on May 18,25, June 1,1989. Featuring R.D. Laing, Andrew Feldmar, Patricia Willensky and Gary Marcuse. Third Eye Productions made considerable footage from Did You Used to Be R.D. Laing available for the series.
~ with thanks to Maeve-Arden Carr for her careful transcription of worn pages. ~

From the Album, Life Before Death
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Anthony Clare -
In the Psychiatrist's Chair
Taped interview with Adrian Laing, on the program's 20 anniverary. The interview is about 40 minutes long and includes much of the original interview with RD. File is approx. 13MB to download.

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Giardino delle parole is open to everyone of Laingian persuasion, a very pleasant and interesting mix of perspectives on a wide variety of topics.